Due to the increasing popularity of our La Cerámica lamp bases and candle shades, we now present our lighting collection as a separate project. We have a magnificent collection of handmade ceramic lamp bases, far superior to anything you can find on the UK high street, where it seems that every lighting shop is both identical and expensive! Essentially, there are two price ranges for the lamp bases – lamps created by the Pueblo Potters are £65 to £125; lamps created by the master potters of San Juan de Oriente are priced £100 to £400+, with special commissions available for any design, shape or size. Please note that we normally only have between 1 and 5 of each lamp base available in stock per year, but if we are sold out you can always order one and it will be delivered a.s.a.p.

If you’re not familiar with the La Cerámica Project, simply click on the links throughout the site and visit the home pages of La Cerámica Collection Pt.1 and Pt.2. In terms of design, the lamp bases and candle shades can be placed in three general categories – geometric/contemporary design; animal/nature design; and Pre-Colombian design. All of the lamp bases and candle shades are handthrown and decorated using the unique ceramic process which I define as ‘San Juan de Oriente style’, which is one of the world’s most complex ceramic processes. In terms of colour, you will find a mix of black, earth, cream, blues, reds, greens etc, and all of the lamps have a beautiful muted finish which is a result of the burnishing and polishing process. This subtle finish when combined with the beautiful shapes and attention to detail, ensures that our La Cerámica lamps fit into a wide range of home settings and décor.

Please note that all of the lamp bases come with full fittings which are the best quality available, including an upper brass fitting, gold cable, fixings and plug etc. However, due to EU law we cannot actually connect the fittings ourselves, but we provide instructions on how to do so. To purchase our lamp bases, there are many options – you can purchase online, visit our gallery in SouthEast Kent, visit the beach hut gallery in Whitstable, or visit us at regional events in the South East. If you have any queries, please use our standard contact details :





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