Created in 2003/4 by Ben White, La Cerámica Pt.2 brings the beautiful work of San Juan de Oriente’s talented ‘Pueblo Potters’ to the UK and Europe. We currently work with around 16 potters on this project, and although their work does not fit into the ‘International Masters’ category, it is unique, impressive, high quality ceramic art, often surpassing so called ‘studio pottery’ in the UK and available at a fraction of the price. The Pueblo Collection is generally priced at £10 to £125, with some truly impressive pieces available at the upper end of this price belt. The collection consists of a wide selection of work – thrown and sculptural vessels, decorative, vases, umbrella stands etc, all created and executed using the traditional ceramic processes and techniques of this famous pottery pueblo.

All of the potters have a large body of work, so I generally choose some of their more popular designs and add a few new pieces every year. In terms of design, you will find geometric work, ‘contemporary’ work, nature based designs and Pre-Columbian designs, with most of the potters able to work within all of these design disciplines. Over the years, many of the designs have attained somewhat of a cult status, such as Casta’s funky cats or Roger’s parrots, reflecting the good spirited and fun nature of the La Cerámica Pueblo project – yes, it is an arts and culture project, but unlike many ‘arts’ projects in the UK it is inclusive and not exclusive, and it doesn’t have its head up its jacksi.

All of the ‘pueblo potters’ I work with are well known and long established in San Juan de Oriente, and have been selling their work to U.S. based ceramic projects for around two decades. The potters are a mix of male and female, young and old, and the best known include several members of the famous Gutierrez family (sisters Paula and Casta), Juan Paulino and sister Lourdes Martinez, Roger Calero and Felipe Potosme. The potters all work in family workshops which are usually located behind the family home, and most of the homes are fronted by small shops / galleries, as any visitor to the town will know.

You can learn more about the ‘Pueblo Potters’ project by clicking on the various links. To purchase the work of these potters, there are many options – you can purchase online, visit our gallery in SouthEast Kent, visit the beach hut gallery in Whitstable, or visit us at regional events in the South East. To view lamp bases by the same artists, simply visit La Cerámica Collection Pt.3 on the web-site. If you have any queries, please use our standard contact details:






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