Part One of La Cerámica is a major international arts and culture project which features six international master potters, all of whom live within 200 metres of eachother in the famous pottery community of San Juan de Oriente in SouthWest Nicaragua. The six potters are amongst the finest in the whole of Latin America, a fact which reflects the growing importance of San Juan de Oriente in the world of international studio ceramics. All of these potters are fully trained in the unique art and craft of this famous artisan community, and are spread over three generations – Don Gregorio Bracamonte is the elder statesman and legend who essentially changed the entire history of San Juan de Oriente; Helio Gutierrez is the crucial link between Gregorio and the younger generation (although for many reasons he is not part of this project); and the new generation who have all trained under 1980’s contemporary master Helio Gutierrez at some point. This exciting generation of young ceramic artists includes Miguel Maldonado and Enmanuel Maldonado (brothers), Luis Gutierrez, Mario Salazar and Ben White (the only outsider to have undertaken an apprenticeship in San Juan de Oriente).

The work of these six ceramic ‘maestros’ is both unique and world class, and is collected by art and ceramic aficionados, museums and political / officialdom figures around the world. However, although all of the work created by these potters is consistently excellent, a special mention should be given to Gregorio Bracamonte and Miguel Maldonado. The former, Don

Gregorio, is one of the most important Latin American potters of the 20th Century, not only spearheading the pottery renaissance of his pueblo in the late 1970’s and re-introducing Pre-Colombian art into the world of contemporary studio ceramics, but also creating a unique body of work which truly stands alone in the world of pottery, an achievement attained by few. Miguel Maldonado is also a rare talent – there are very few young (or older) master potters in the world with his level of technical ability. Everything created by Miguel is unique, immaculate and very special, and a must for collectors of ceramics as fine art. Without a doubt, the future of San Juan de Oriente looks bright, in the hands of the next generation of pioneering, internationally acclaimed master potters.

You can learn more about the ‘International Masters’ project by clicking on the various links. To purchase the work of these ceramic masters, there are various options – you can visit our gallery in South Kent (UK), purchase online, or visit us at one of the major art / ceramic events or exhibitions we are participating in. If you’re a gallery or museum and you’d like to organise an exhibition of an artist’s work or a mixed exhibition of several artists, simply use our contact details to get in touch.






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