The advantage of living in the ‘Pueblos Blancos’ (White Towns) region in SouthWest Nicaragua is that you’re surrounded by high quality artisans, and I’d certainly argue that the Masaya region is one of the most gifted artisan regions in the world, with one of the finest artisan / handmade workforces to boot. My intimate knowledge of this creative, talented and often mysterious region, in which I’ve been living on and off for over ten years, means that it’s possible to both purchase and design a number of high quality artisan products, including the legendary Masayan hammocks which are amongst the finest handmade hammocks in the world. The town of Masaya and its surrounds are also famed for its beautiful weaving, woodturning and hardwood furniture, and many other funky and colourful crafts – although the increase in the price of wood in recent years has meant that many wood products are now much more expensive than before.

The crafts and interiors I currently have in stock include single, double, family and giant sized Masayan hammocks; standard and large deckchairs; practical and sculptural woodturning; and hardwood jewellery boxes. All of these product ranges are created by well known and highly skilled artisans, who use traditional skills and techniques which died out in our culture centuries ago. The creation of a handmade hammock is an artform in itself (see film) – the weaving takes place on a beautiful traditional loom where fingers work at a furious pace, and it takes a team of four skilled weavers two days to make a family hammock. Our funky Masayan deckchairs are also an impressive creation, featuring a rock solid hardwood frame and a beautiful woven sitting area. I’m currently working on several new product ranges including some elegant hardwood rocking chairs, so keep an eye out on the ‘Crafts & Interiors’ section.

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