Many thanks for showing an interest in our beautiful handmade terracotta floor tiles. Whether you are redesigning a single room in your home, choosing tiles for a new property or a period renovation, we guarantee that our tiles will help transform your home into the stylish and comfortable place that you desire. Unlike the majority of terracotta producers around the world who have abandoned the traditional handmade and wood-fired process, our tiles are made one by one by skilled craftspeople and are then fired in specially designed wood-fired kilns. This rigourous two week production cycle is the reason why our tiles possess such rich textures, a range of colours and unique features like burn marks and dark flashes. Such features and subtle colours are rarely seen in modern terracotta – creamy hues, deep oranges, many shades of red, darker colours from maroon to pitch black etc, and all of these can be found in one tile! It is this unique character that really gives a room or setting the chance to flourish.

Without doubt, Classic Terracotta (CT) floor tiles are amongst the most beautiful and affordable handmade clay/terracotta tile available in Europe. We currently sell the tiles in the UK and France, although we can easily send the tiles to other European countries. We also sell the tiles in the US, the Caribbean and Central America, where our tiles adorn many fine private residences and luxury commercial projects, including Sylvestor Stallone’s Florida home and Ben Stiller’s Californian mansion. Unlike most handmade terracotta floor tiles, ours come pre-sealed with a mix of linseed and parafin, which is the traditional process to seal handmade clay tiles. This saves the customer approximately one week in labour, costs and time, as you can only seal the tiles once per 24 hours, and Classic Terracotta floor tiles currently need 3 to 5 coats of sealant. This means our tiles can be laid as quickly as other commercial or natural tiles such as slate or stone. Once laid and cleaned, the tiles will still have to be waxed at least twice, although all natural tiles require a similar finish.

There are many advantages to our tiles, including their affordability – ‘high end’ companies like Fired Earth and other high street retailers often sell unsealed handmade terracotta for a highly inflated price, where as CT tiles are factory direct and are therefore competitively priced. CT tiles are also extremely versatile in terms of their architectural compatibility – they can be used to create a ‘traditional’ terracotta look and finish to a room or property; they are a quality substitute for a period tile like Victorian clay tiles, Pannett tiles and reclaimed/antique tiles; and our wide range of designs mean that you can create everything from a simple look in a single room to a highly ornate multi-room floor plan.

In terms of pricing per m2 (including VAT), the tiles start at £25 for a standard 12” x 12” tile; £27.50 for other single tile designs with a thickness of 2.1cms (such as 12” x 6”); £30 for multi-tile designs with a thickness of 2.1cms (such as square, star & picket); £32.50 for extra small or extra large single tile designs (eg. 4” x 4” or 16” x 16”); and £35 for extra small and extra large multi-tile designs. We offer a discount of 5% for orders of 40+ metres; 10% for orders of 70m+; and 15% for orders of 100m+. Apart from these discounts, our prices are fixed and not open to negotiation under any circumstances. We also offer a £15 cashback deal if the customer sends a quality suite of high resolution photos of the finished floor. If you’d like a sample sending, a 4” x 4” tile sample is free, all other tiles cost £10 for P&P, but this may include a variety of tiles. For payment of the tiles, please pay via credit card over the phone (or cheque) and do not use the web-site payment system.

If you have any queries, please use our UK standard contact details :

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